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Total Footballer, Total Rebel


Image of Total Footballer, Total Rebel

"A not-so-famous photo from Cruyff’s time in a blaugrana shirt shows him in confrontation with two police officers. The photo was taken in 1975, at a match between Barcelona and Malaga, when the officers had come to escort Cruyff off the pitch after he was shown a red card for protesting what he perceived to be repeated wrong decisions by the referee, much to the outrage of the Barcelona faithful. An apocryphal story says that as he walked off the pitch, he took off his captain’s armband (with its red and gold stripes symbolising the flag of Catalonia), looked up at the packed terraces of Camp Nou and kissed it. To this day, the incident is interpreted as signifying Catalan resistance to dictator Francisco Franco’s government at Madrid."

From issue 13 of The Football Pink
Written by Shirsho Dasgupta

Printed on Matte Paper. Please allow one week for delivery.